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Flowpack Performance Exhaust Kits

For late model muscle cars:
2008-2011 Challenger 6.1L SRT8 # 1053010 +44 rwhp on our test vehicle
2012 Challenger 6.4L SRT8 # 1053010 +16 rwhp on our test vehicle
2009-2012 Challenger 5.7L RT # 1053020 +17 rwhp on our test vehicle
2004-2010 Charger/Magnum, 300C 5.7L # 1053030 +17 rwhp on our test vehicle
2005-2010 Charger/Magnum, 300C 6.1L SRT8 # 1053050 +44 rwhp on our test vehicle
2005-2010 Charger/Challenger/Magnum/300 V6 +17 rwhp on our test vehicle
2010-2012 Camaro SS # 1052010 +18 rwhp on our test vehicle
2005-2010 Mustang GT (axle-back) # 1028896
2011-2012 Mustang GT 5.0L (axle-back & cat-back) # 1029035 + # 1029050 +21 rwhp
on our test vehicle

                                                                      # 1052010
# 1053010--click on pic for dyno and installation video                                                                                                                                

# 1029035 & 1029050--click on the picture above to pull up a video of the design and installation, and dyno test of our new Mustang systems

Easy bolt-on design.   These kits are made of 16 gauge aluminized steel which is CNC mandrel bent for a precision fit.  These systems include our highest flowing Flowpack mufflers, and will give an aggressive sound.  The SRT8 Challenger kit is dual 3" with an H-pipe and 4 Flowpack mufflers, the SS Camaro dual 2-1/2" with an H-pipe and 4 Flowpack mufflers, and the axle-back Mustang GT dual 2-1/2" with 2 Flowpack mufflers for '05-'10, and 3" dual for '11.

4" Single Kit for 2011 F150 Ecoboost
# 4004580--+39 rwhp on our test vehicle

click on the picture for a link to the dyno chart.

Link to a youtube video and installation and our second dyno test  for # 4004580 on the Ecoboost F150

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